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Motorcycle Accidents Often Offer a Bleak Outlook for Victims; Chong Law Firm Works Diligently to Ensure that Bikers Are Treated Fairly, Despite Biases

It’s a sad reality that many drivers on the road take the view that because motorcycles are sometimes difficult to see, motorcycle riders should fend for themselves in looking out for other vehicles-and not the other way around. Contrary to this prevailing attitude, it is the responsibility of every driver on the road to be mindful of others, including other cars, bikes, and pedestrians. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident because another party was reckless or negligent, the bias that often exists toward bikers makes it even more necessary to enlist the legal representation of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. In Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE, injury attorney Jimmy Chong is a staunch supporter of motorcycle accident victims, and he uses his experience and skill to uphold your rights and seek the compensation you deserve.

Pennsylvania and Delaware Bikers Have a Ready Advocate in Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Jimmy Chong

Injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident are typically quite severe and sometimes fatal. It only takes a brief glance at images of motorcycle accident victims to grasp the nature and severity of injuries that can result due to the fact that the biker is exposed rather than protected by a car. Because injuries tend to be so severe when a motorcycle accident occurs, the prowess of an accident attorney who has specific experience with motorcycle accidents is crucial to ensuring that needed compensation for medical expenses and other costs related to the accident is pursued vigorously and aggressively. Attorney Jimmy Chong’s experience with motorcycle accident cases in Philadelphia, PA, Lansdale, PA and Wilmington, DE helps victims prevail even when the odds are stacked against them. If a sufficient settlement cannot be reached with the insurance company, Chong Law Firm is prepared to pursue litigation to ensure that an appropriate solution is reached.

In the Event, You or a Loved One are Injured in a Motorcycle Accident, Call an Accident Lawyer First

Motorcycle accident cases are legally challenging, and lawyer Jimmy Chong has the experience needed to meet those challenges head-on with skill, knowledge, and finesse. It’s almost a certainty that the insurance company will try to undervalue your claim, so be wary of having any conversation on the matter before you have consulted with an attorney. Once you retain an attorney, all such communications may cease so that you can focus on your physical and emotional recovery while your attorney focuses on your financial recovery.

Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Attorney Jimmy Chong Helps PA and DE Motorcycle Accident Victims

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