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    The Chong Law Firm, P.A. is a firm dedicated and committed to its clients. Not only will the firm work endless hours for its clients, it will do it with the highest ethical standards and commitment to excellence. Once you have been represented by The Chong Law Firm, P.A. you will always want to be represented by this firm.



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    At the Chong Law Firm P.A., we are a general litigation firm which handles personal injury cases, contract disputes, debt collection, medical malpractice, wrongful deaths, and criminal defense. Regardless of the case, the firm will represent you to the fullest extent of the law.



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    Communication with our clients is of great importance and we do not lose sight of that fact. The Korean law firm in Philadelphia and Wilmington is easily accessible to discuss your issues to help you make the decisions that are best for you.



Welcome to Chong Law Firm P.A.

The Chong Law Firm, P.A. – PhiladelphiaChong Law Firm P.A. Has Offices in Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE for Legal Representation in Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death, Business Law, and Estate Planning

Chong Law Firm P.A., led by founder and attorney Jimmy Chong, represents clients throughout the Wilmington and Philadelphia areas who require legal representation in matters of personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, business law, and estate planning. When you need help navigating everyday legalities, such as those involving contracts and agreements, or you need extensive representation and skill in litigation, such as would be required in a highly complex medical malpractice lawsuit, Philadelphia attorney Jimmy Chong and the staff of Chong Law Firm P.A. provide smart, skilled representation and unparalleled dedication to client service.

When you are facing a legal situation of any kind, you need a lawyer who is experienced with the type of case you're facing, fully engaged in protecting your interests, and responsive to your very legitimate need for information and support. Chong Law Firm understands that you will have concerns and questions as your case progresses, and you have the right to be fully informed at every turn since you stand to be greatly impacted by the outcome of every development in your case. You also need an attorney in whom you can put your trust-an attorney who possesses the highest of ethical standards-both for your peace of mind and for your best chance of a successful outcome in your legal quandary. Chong Law Firm offers those qualities, as well as the will to work tirelessly on your behalf. We believe that an unyielding commitment to excellence is required to prevail in any court of law.

Mr. Chong is licensed to practice in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, as well as in the District Courts of Washington D.C., Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Mr. Chong, who is of Korean descent, was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware and is actively involved in the Korean community both in Wilmington and in Philadelphia, both as a citizen and as an attorney.

General Business Law:
Philadelphia Business Attorney Jimmy Chong Provides Smart, Prudent, Legal Solutions for Businesses

Chong Law Firm provides a range of solutions for businesses. From business advice to negotiations, contractual matters, transactions, and even debt collection, Philadelphia business attorney Jimmy Chong will ensure that the legalities of operating your business are thoroughly examined and appropriately addressed. Whether you need guidance in starting a new business or you require legal action to resolve a contract dispute, Chong Law Firm will explore all avenues available to protect your interests to the fullest extent.

Estate Planning:
Chong Law Firm Helps Philadelphia and Wilmington Clients from All Walks of Life Prepare for the Future

You don't have to be wealthy to need or benefit from estate planning. Whether your station in life is modest or affluent, Chong Law Firm provides estate planning services. Wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other legal services can ensure that your assets will be distributed in the ways that align with your wishes, as well as spare your survivors excessive estate tax. Estate planning lawyer Jimmy Chong will assist you in crafting a plan to achieve your goals while ensuring that all the components are in accordance with your wishes and the applicable laws.

Personal Injury:
Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer Jimmy Chong is Committed to Maximum Recovery for Victims

When you've sustained injuries in the course of an accident at the hands of another party, the upheaval in your life can be immeasurable, especially when your injuries result in disability, whether short-term, long-term, or permanent. Insurance companies exert pressure to influence you to settle for compensation that is far less than what you would be rightfully entitled to, bill collectors begin to demand payment for medical expenses, and if your ability to work has been impacted, as well, the problems are compounded even further. When you need an accident attorney in Philadelphia or Wilmington to take those worries off your plate, personal injury lawyer Jimmy Chong will intervene on your behalf where needed and take swift action to recover the compensation you will need to move forward.  Personal injury cases include car accidents, trucking accidents, slip and falls, nursing home abuse and all other injury cases.

Medical Malpractice:
Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Attorney Jimmy Chong Upholds the Highest Standards of Professionalism

Physicians hold a unique position in society and in our individual lives-they hold the power of decisions that affect our health, and ultimately, our lives. Though there are times when a physician has no control over outcomes, they do have control over the attention with which they approach your care. When a physician or other medical professional has acted in a manner contrary to your best medical interests, they are liable for any damages or injuries that you have suffered as a result. As a fellow professional who is also bound to higher ethics and standards, medical malpractice lawyer Jimmy Chong is dauntless in squaring off with Philadelphia or Wilmington physicians who have failed to perform in a manner befitting the responsibilities with which they have been entrusted.

Wrongful Death:
Your Attorney Can Be Instrumental in Picking up the Pieces When a Loved One has Been Taken too Soon

The death of a loved one is devastating, and though it would seem that the death in and of itself could not be any worse, there are surrounding circumstances that can drive the pain even deeper. When your loved one's death was the result of another party's negligence or recklessness, the needlessness of it can be emotionally and mentally crippling. And when the surviving spouse and children suffer economically because of the death, that's the worst form of insult to injury. The important thing to remember about a wrongful death lawsuit is that you are not trying to wrench profit out of tragedy-rather, you are entitled to recover as much as you can of what was wrongfully taken from you. Jimmy Chong is a wrongful death lawyer in Philadelphia who understands the sensitivities involved when wrongful death has been visited upon a family, and Chong Law Firm takes pride in using our legal prowess in a way that helps bereaved families in Wilmington and Philadelphia recover.

When You Need a Philadelphia Attorney Who Embodies Legal Excellence and Integrity, Call Chong Law Firm P.A.

Chong Law Firm P.A. is dedicated to helping clients throughout Wilmington, DE and Philadelphia, PA achieve legal resolution by way of knowledge, experience, and the highest standards of legal excellence and professionalism. To schedule a consultation, call Chong Law Firm at 215.909.5204 (Philadelphia) or 302.999.9480 (Wilmington). You may also fill out our online form for a prompt response.

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